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The 17th Annual New Original Works Festival continues with a program of works by Primera Generación, Xiaoyue Zhang, randy reyes + Bapari.

Primera Generación: Nepantla

Through a series of movement-based explorations and rasquache play, Primera Generación Dance Collective’s (PGDC) — Alfonso Cervera, Irvin Gonzalez, Patricia “Patty” Huerta, and Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier— new multimedia work, Nepantla, re-imagines the desmadre (messiness) that reflects, generates, and questions the flux of their Mexican American identities. PGDC strategically navigates culturally-iconic images, stereotypes, and rituals to visibilize the harsh realities and imaginative potentials of Mexicanidades in the U.S. 

Xiaoyue Zhang: Little Red Book, or Plural Body

Little Red Book, or Plural Body is an experiment of bodies in performative spaces to look carefully at the interactions in which individual bodies, collective identity, and ideology are connected within the cultural space of China and beyond. Focusing on the practices and disciplines that Chinese bodies assimilate in the process of socialization, modernization and globalization, Xiaoyue Zhang and her onstage collaborators explore the political and cultural pressures and conflicts within their bodies, and how they, as artists and movers, take them in, rebel against them, and move forward with them.

randy reyes + Bapari: Real Talk # 1 (Pt. 2) | Vectors of Adverse Desires con un poco de tu disco stick 

Part grief party, part protest, part prayer, part f*** you, leave me alone, I need to take a nap now, Real Talk # 1 (Pt. 2) | Vectors of Adverse Desires con un poco de tu disco stick is a solo performance framed as an “excavation site” where randy will dive into their personal beliefs on ritual, intimacy, pleasure, and the erotic. randy will activate principles of contemporary dance, Qi energetics, endurance art, and structured improvisation, against the pulsating music composed by Bapari in service of constructing and deconstructing physical and sonic terrains through the use of objects (i.e. toyz) whose traces will be left behind as slippery sculptures only to be shifted again through their sweaty body and persistent repetitive subtle gestures.

All three works will be presented each night.

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The New Original Works Festival is made possible by generous support from members of the REDCAT Circle and REDCAT Council.

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The preceding performance was created in compliance with Los Angeles County Public Health Guidelines. Any performer appearing without a mask was filmed using appropriate physical distancing, in alignment with those guidelines.