Jay Carlon with Micaela Tobin, Joe Diebes, Stephanie Zaletel | szalt
Past event


The 19th Annual New Original Works Festival continues with a program of works by Jay Carlon with Micael Tobin, Joe Diebes, and Stephanie Zaletel | szalt. 


Jay Carlon with Micaela Tobin: Novena

Derived from Bisaya ritwals for grieving and healing, Novena is a meditative performance that wrestles to confront and transmute suffering into vulnerability, joy, and acceptance. Choreographer/dancer Jay Carlon and composer/sound artist Micaela Tobin unearth and reimagine the Filipinx experience toward queer futurity and collaborate to strengthen, connect, and reinvoke the delicate and intimate web of Filipinx precolonial expressions. 


Joe Diebes: ENG

Mixing sound, visual media, and voice in multifarious ways, ENG is an experimental opera structured around a newscast format. ENG confronts the American media’s ‘voice of authority’ in relation to overseas cultures, particularly in the Middle East. The familiar rhythms and rhetoric of newscaster-speak will be musicalized and mangled, redirected and held accountable for the ideological veil it often is. Featuring performers Christina Campanella and John Rose, the sung-spoken words are accompanied by projections and a hypnotic electronic score composed by Joe Diebes.


Stephanie Zaletel | szalt: 5 basic movements (vagus excerpt)

Choreographer and dance artist Stephanie Zaletel’s 5 basic movements (vagus excerpt) engages with the foundational sensorimotor actions - reach, grab, push, pull, yield - as the basis for performers to investigate intuitive choreography, body language, and the relational dynamics of our nervous systems. Set to lectures and interviews of Jungian Psychoanalyst and dream-tender Marion Woodman, as well as live singing, sounding, bells, and harp, 5 basic movements (vagus excerpt) is a dance forward, poetic, non-linear, and symbolic work imagining feminine consciousness and matriarchal logic as an option for how our bodies can move forward and through uncertainty.


All three works will be presented each night. 

The odds of seeing something amazing are pretty good.

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cast & crew


Directed and Performed by Jay Carlon

Composed and Performed by Micaela Tobin

Scenic Design by Carlo Maghirang

Lighting Design by Chu-Hsuan Chang

Producer: Brian Sea

Rehearsal Assistant: Gabriel Jiménez



Music, Words (except for news stories) and Video by Joe Diebes

Performed by Christina Campanella, John Rose

Lighting Design by Chu-Hsuan Chang



Performed by Cory Feder, Rosanna Tavarez, Tom Tsai, Stephanie Zaletel

Original Song by Cory Feder (“The Sunset Song”)

Wardrobe Design by Clarisse Hazel Lopez

Lighting Design by Chu-Hsuan Chang

Special Thanks to Odeya Nini, Jonathan Snipes, Loghaven Artist Residency and REDCAT; to everyone who donated funds, studio space, housed me on the road, shared meals and presence in the development of this work so far

about the artists

Jay Carlon with Micaela Tobin

Jay Carlon is a queer Filipinx American dance artist and community organizer based between LA and NYC. He is committed to connecting his art practice to sustainability and his personal and collective journey of decolonization. He is co-manager and educator of homeLA’s inSITE program, where he is responsible for developing the education curriculum and teaching students site-specific considerations for live performance and film. Carlon was named Dance Magazine’s 25 to Watch in 2020, and his work has been featured throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Jay is associate director of Australian spectacle performance company, SWAY — where he has performed at the 2014 Olympics and the 2018 Super Bowl. Carlon has also performed with the Metropolitan Opera, Bill T. Jones, jumatatu m. poe, The Industry Opera, Oguri, Solange Knowles, Rodrigo y Gabriela; and choreographed works for Kanye West and Mndsgn. | jaycarlon.com

Micaela Tobin is a soprano, sound artist, and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA who specializes in experimental voice and contemporary opera. As a sound artist with a background in opera, Micaela integrates voice and electronics within the genres of noise and drone music. Her work incorporates ritualized gesture and amplified object-symbolism and explores her diasporic identity as a first-generation Filipina-American. Micaela’s vocal practice is based in building connections between the physical voice as a means of empowering one’s ‘inner’ voice and challenging colonial stories and systems. | micaelatobin.com


Joe Diebes

Joe Diebes is a composer and multi-disciplinary artist, recently relocated to LA from NYC, whose work centers on the irrational and colonial forces embedded in human-technical systems. Previous projects include the lecture-opera OYSTER, the algorithmic opera WOW (with David Levine and Christian Hawkey), the broken-word opera BOTCH, the sound-theatre work I/O (with Phil Soltanoff), and the gallery opera MY TROCADERO, all featuring Christina Campanella and John Rose. These and other projects have appeared at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse), Tramway (Glasgow), HERE, BRIC Media Arts, Judson Church, as well as the Fusebox, PuSh, COIL, and LAX Festivals. His installations and films have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Marlborough Gallery, Grand Central Art Center, Paul Rodgers/9W (New York), Ars Electronica (Austria), The Hammer Museum, the Winter Olympics, Yuanfen Gallery (Beijing), and the Liverpool Biennial.


Stephanie Zaletel

Stephanie Zaletel is a choreographer, dance artist, movement facilitator, dream-tender, environmentalist, plant-based eater and cook, and mental health advocate currently residing on the West Coast of the US. Stephanie’s early career was threaded together with prolific creative practices inspired by her quest to access and create dance experiences in trauma-informed, consciously-feminist led spaces - and in 2015 she founded szalt to deepen this learning. As a freelance artist Stephanie performs and creates works for musicians, short films, dance, opera, and theater companies nationally and internationally. Stephanie holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from California Institute of the Arts and a CE Certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy and Practices from Antioch University. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV Stephanie’s known oral history indicates that she is a 5th generation immigrant of the US of former Yugoslavian and Polish refugees of WW1 and beloved Irish kin who adopted her mother.