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REDCAT’s quarterly program of new works and works-in-progress highlights new forms of dance, theater, music, and multimedia performance in a wide-ranging evening that celebrates the vitality of L.A. artists making work for the stage. This edition of Studio is programmed by guest curators Madeline Falcone and Sebastian Hernandez and features a glimpse at projects by Los Angeles artists, including: 

BARNETT COHEN with ROKSANA ZEINAPURapproach gesture response

Enigmatic mezzo-soprano and performance maker Roksna Zeinapur plays herself playing a performer attempting to sing an aria without exposing her suffering. From a schizophrenic mother to the loneliness of twilight to the humorous absurdity of anonymous sex, Artist Barnett Cohen, poetically explores the interstice through which emotional pain passes from the interior of being into the light of performance. 


Dancer and choreographer Alfonso Cervera’s solo new work uses Poc-Chuc technique to investigate a spectrum of past and present queered mexicanidad. Gathering memory, movement, and ancestral lineages with the use of improvisational scores, Cervera invites a multi-autobiographical experience through family and ballet Folklorico.

ROGER KIM<><><Ʌ><eo><fish>

Using interactive software and text by Roger Kim, projected animations react to different volumes and pitches of sounds in <><><ʌ><eo><fish>, an experimental multimedia experience about a fish swimming the oceans seeking counsel of a fabled five-armed octopus. <><><ʌ><eo><fish> contends with environmental concerns oceans are currently plagued with. 


Playing with the unpredictable sound of the Korean traditional instrument kayakum, dancer and choreographer, Hyoin Jun’s duet NORI, masterly blends traditional Korean movement with contemporary dance to delve into an inquiry where everyday movements—drinking water, running, walking, gestures—are composed, developed and seen as meaningful dance techniques. 


Austyn Rich’s new work ETCHED interplays repetition, storytelling and synchronicity to recreate the bond of three siblings whose childhood questions remain unanswered. Using his introductions to music, family relationship building and fun, Rich creates a score inspired by the structure of a line-dance.


Visual artist Anna Ialeggio and dancer Robyn O’Dell’s Crane & Man explores the complex trans-species kinship between a scientist and a bird. Employing a highly improvised choreographic score, Crane & Man creates an inviting “theater vivarium” where semi-(un)natural conditions for observation and voyeuristic study unfold. 

TZONG-HAN WUProsecutor On That Finger

Through contemporary hip-hop, three virtousic male performers grapple with the ugly side of humanity in choreographer’s Tzon-Han Wu’s humorous and dynamic Prosecutor On That Finger. Using a dualistic physicality, Wu’s work explores the precarious nature of humanity—how it accuses and advertises justice—all the while asking: in the end, does anyone have the right answer for anything that exists?

Funded in part with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts.