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Available May 16, 2021 at 10am PDT - May 23, 2021 at 10pm PDT
24/7 livestream
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In-person visits by reservation
The theater installation will be open to the public for in-person visits on May 18, 20, 22 & 23. To make a reservation, please click here.
While composing the surveillance of a 24/7 livestream, paggett will inhabit and thus domesticate the professional site of REDCAT for 180 hours. This new work-in-development aims to offer space for reflection on what has become our accidental new normal: an unsteady dissociation from place, a further muting of collective grief, and a strange swirling of the public/private, the domestic/workplace, the professional/vulnerable.A palimpsest of real and invented realities, paggett’s com.pleats.we (housecoat) is a living, listening, dancing score and performance across eight continuous days on and around the REDCAT stage. Moving through the public and non-public, the commemorative and the mundane, the artist will inhabit both a corporeal and spatial landscape that layers and recalls three sites of fleeting Black autonomy: paggett’s home; a deserted REDCAT stage, which sits atop the dissolved neighborhood of Bunker Hill; and an abandoned burial ground.The project will also take form as a participatory score (prompts will be shared across REDCAT’s Instagram over the course of the eight days) that interested individuals can commit to for any duration over the eight days. Taking cues from the late dancer Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore, concentration practices from the Plum Village tradition, as well as paggett’s earlier meadow and inner curriculum/WXPT work, com.pleats.we (housecoat) invites the public to not just visually consume but rather “be with” this virtual praxis/living performance score, offering an opportunity to reckon and perhaps build new relations with the lens that has commanded such a central role in most of our lives of late. Conjuring long-table soup kitchen traditions—such as the soup practice from Chicago’s Jane Addams Hull-House (one of the first settlement houses in the U.S.)—paggett will host virtual meal sessions daily at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. PDT.Multiple devices distributed throughout the REDCAT stage will capture paggett’s activities. One camera, selected by paggett, will be available 24/7 on Vimeo. Audience members can join and actively participate with the artist via Zoom.

“taisha paggett is an interdisciplinary dance artist whose individual and collaborative works re-articulate and collide specific Western choreographic practices with the politics of daily life in order to interrogate fixed notions of Black and queer embodiment, desire, and survival.”

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