Past event


World Premiere

Improviser, composer, and percussionist Tim Feeney works with deceptively simple materials, both physical and sonic: the sound of two stones scraped slowly across one another; the reverberant impact of these stones struck hard together in a resonant concrete building; the change that results if a person walks slowly around that building while striking the stones together; the memory of pulling these stones out of a river on a trip 12 years in the past. Feeney improvises with Boston stalwart Vic Rawlings, builder of a unique hyper-instrument assembled via extensive preparation of a standard cello, and an electronic console collected from unstable exposed circuitry. He then presents the premiere of Music of what happens, a text folio collaging improvisation and folk materials, performed by Cassia Streb, Cody Putman, Jessika Kenney, Laura Steenberge, and Mustafa Walker.

Listening here can get like watching ripples on the surface of gently disturbed water—after a while we forget we are watching water, and the repeating colours and shapes we see, sometimes broken up by little imperfections or the glint of the sun, become something completely abstract.

Richard Pinnell, Sonic Field 369