Mathieu Briand
Past event


With sound/movement performance by the artist and choreographer Prue Lang


Marseilles-based artist Mathieu Briand works in various installation forms with computers, electronic music, robots and video technology to explore systems of stimulation, play and perception. His use of new technologies requires active participation and engagement, playing with the viewer’s point of view and questioning the reality of his/her perceptions. Briand’s extraordinary output engages users and mechanisms, technology and anarchy responding to informal movements in consumption, particularly techno or rave culture and the constant struggle to enhance everyday experience through technology.

For his exhibition at in Los Angeles, Briand will present several works including SYS*05.ReE*03/SE*1\ MoE*2-4 (Audio-Visual exchange helmets), customized helmets outfitted with cameras and displays with which gallery visitors can exchange visual perspectives with others, and SYS*011. Mie>AbE/SoS\ SYS*010 (The Spiral), an installation of four turntables and a mixing board connected to a vinyl cutting machine where viewers can create their own aural expression by manipulating samples and etching their own vinyl records. For REDCAT, Briand will create a new work with video and animation that allows viewers to observe the rotation of the earth, part of a new body of work investigating the fantastical future promised by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Briand will be in residence at REDCAT during the spring semester of 2006 to work with graduate students from CalArts’ Schools of Art and Music and The Center for Integrated Media.

Ubiq: A Mental Odyssey is made possible in part by the generous support of Etant Donnés, the French-American Fund for Contemporary Art; The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; The French Cultural Service in Los Angeles; and 2K by Gingham. Additional support provided by Campari