Ajani Brannum and Jimena Sarno
Past event


On the occasion of the REDCAT exhibition Lisa Alvarado: Pulse Meridian Foliation, movement artist Ajani Brannum and interdisciplinary artist Jimena Sarno will perform newly commissioned pieces in the REDCAT gallery for one special night. 

Brannum will open up the space by exploring the in-between with a new performance entitled They’re Not Corrections, They’re Changes, evoking the various meanings found in meridians. Sarno will close out the night with a live set by exploring a space of pulsation and foliation through sound. This performance program engages the exhibition’s inquiry into the body’s relationship with space. Performances presented in the gallery will explore how memory, experience, and embodiment are transformed through movement and sound.

The event will begin with an exhibition walkthrough at 7PM by Daniela Lieja Quintanar, Exhibition Curator, and Ana Briz, Curatorial Assistant.

about the artists

Ajani Brannum

Ajani Brannum (they/them) is an undisciplinary artist who works between performance, writing, digital media, facilitation, and divination. Guided by a commitment to psycho-spiritual inquiry, Ajani examines the stories that structure our being-in-the-world. 



Jimena Sarno

Jimena Sarno is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a focus on spatial and sonic experience she works across a range of media including installation, sound, video, text and sculpture.